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The Library of Babel

In the ethereal realm of imagination, I embarked on a creative odyssey inspired by the Library of Babel. This artistic venture transcends the mundane, envisioning a space where scholars delve into the mysteries of knowledge, artists and writers draw from its infinite depths for inspiration, and anyone with a curious spirit or a touch of humour contemplates the bizarre dance of existence. Much like any other library, yet uniquely cosmic, this conceptual creation would house every conceivable arrangement of 1,312,000 characters—a literary kaleidoscope containing the essence of all written and unwritten tales. Through a series of six evocative drawings, I sought to capture the essence of this boundless repository, where the weirdness of existence converges with the limitless possibilities of the human mind.



library of babel number 2.jpg
library of babel number 4.jpg
library of babel number 1_edited.jpg
library of babel number 5_edited.jpg
library of babel number 6_edited.jpg
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