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A Simple Metamorphosis

Embarking on my residential kitchen venture was a truly special journey, especially since the client happened to be none other than my own mother. In 2018, this was my very first project. This challenge became an artful dance with time and budget constraints, a mere $15,000 NZ dollars to orchestrate an entire kitchen masterpiece, inclusive of appliances. In the realm of tight purse strings, I delved into the realm of bargain hunting and exhaustive research to ensure quality remained uncompromised. Through this project, not only did I secure a stellar deal with the kitchen manufacturer, but I also forged lasting relationships with skilled tradesmen.

The transformation was an abandoned kitchen, a relic from the 60s, adorned with meagre cupboards and an aging freestanding range. With a complete gutting of the space, a vision of elegance began to unfold. Opting for white matte-finished recessed panelled cupboard doors, paired with brushed brass hardware, I aimed for a timeless and classic aesthetic. This kitchen metamorphosis transcended mere renovation, becoming a testament to creativity flourishing within constraints.

The enchanting alchemy of white and gold brought a touch of opulence to the space, illuminating it with a timeless charm. Sleek matte finishes on the cupboards exuded a modern yet classic vibe, creating a harmonious balance that resonated with the elegant taste my mother envisioned. Each element, meticulously chosen, came together to orchestrate a symphony of sophistication, making this kitchen not just a functional space but a work of art that breathes life into the heart of our home. As the sunlight filters through the exquisite gold-adorned hardware, the kitchen becomes a sanctuary where memories are not just made but beautifully crafted.

1 AUGUSST 2018


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