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Bespoke Washbasin

Crafted with meticulous precision and born from the essence of Carrara marble, this bespoke washbasin stands as a unique work of art—an ode to the seamless fusion of nature's grace and human creativity. When the client envisioned a specific design that eluded the market's offerings, the power of 3D modelling software, Rhinoceros, brought that vision to life. The intricate design was then manufactured in China, using Italian-imported Carrara marble. Though the process presented its challenges, the final result was unequivocally worth the effort.

The hand-wash basin, with ethereal veins narrating ancient stories, transforms into a tactile poem—each curve and contour a testament to skilled hands shaping both form and function. A silent conversation unfolds between the artist's vision and the timeless allure of Carrara marble, encapsulating a moment of pure artistry within the sanctuary of daily rituals.

Carrara marble, celebrated for its modifiability and durability, becomes an ideal choice for custom-made creations. In a space susceptible to water exposure, a matte finished seal becomes a crucial element, preserving the marble's enduring beauty over time.

The wall tiles, strategically divided into stony grey tiles at the bottom and small rectangular mosaic tiles above, create visual interest and refine the room. The grey tones seamlessly echo the marble's grains, contributing to a sophisticated ambiance. Despite my personal reservations about the colour grey, it unexpectedly harmonises with the client's desire for a cool-toned, exclusive feel that avoids clinical sterility.

Introducing brushed bronze tapware, hardware, and a mirror frame counterbalances the cool tones of the tiles, infusing warmth and a touch of colour into the space. Each element meticulously curated, this project becomes not just a functional space but a symphony of design, where every detail harmonises to create an environment that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally exquisite.

15 November 2021


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