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Since the tender age of 5, my love affair with flowers started. It's an obsession that transcends regions and seasons; every bloom, a testament to the perfection and intrigue that Mother Earth crafts. The sheer diversity of floral species never ceases to amaze me, and this fascination remains as vibrant as ever. Devoting countless hours to studying the myriad shapes, colours, and forms of flowers has become a cherished pursuit. Drawing and painting them is not just a creative outlet but a profound connection to the botanical wonders that grace our planet. In my artistic journey, every depiction of flowers becomes a celebration of life frozen in time—a still life capturing the essence of these captivating blooms.


Within this collection, the delicacy of watercolour pigments serves as my chosen medium, breathing life into the beauty of flowers. Each brushstroke is a whisper of purity and grace, capturing the fleeting essence of blossoms that dance in the breeze of passing moments. The magnolia's whites, akin to lace whispers, seamlessly blend with soft gradients of creams and the palest greens, creating a harmonious visual symphony.

The enchanting pink antique roses, painted in hues of blush and bashful pink, unfurl in a timeless waltz on the canvas. As an artist, my endeavour goes beyond merely capturing their physical beauty. It's about delving into the emotional nuances that these flowers stir—a quest to evoke delicate sentiments and memories.

In each bouquet arrangement and composition, I strive to craft a visual poem, offering a glimpse into a timeless and nostalgic world where flowers are not just subjects but conduits to a deeper, soulful connection.



magnolia A4.jpg
pink rose.jpg
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